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rencontre pour ado gay gratuit Like for women, the sneakers have been around in the mens wardrobe for quite a while, but it is more the size that caught my attention this season. Valentino, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Vêtements, Gucci and Acne Studios all got the memo that “more is more”. Chunky sole and boldness are the key words for spring. Photos below are from Acné Studios and Balenciaga.

source url 172129f128001_1 balenciaga-triple-s-00-copy Wide Legs Pants and Shorts

rencontres gratuites android New season, new silhouette. Good timing because I couldn’t stand skinny pants anymore. I feel like I want to be comfortable. I love the wide leg chinos and long under-the-knee shorts, it’s fresh and new. Below is a photo from my favorite line Acné Studios.




lieux de rencontre 72 Logo

Logos are making a big comeback since last Fall. This spring they are both subtle and bold, meaning they are not so loud but well positioned in order for people to see them. I love this Louis Vuitton t-shirt with the LV logo on the neck or the Balenciaga t-shirts with the small logo appliqué on chest.



see Baby Blue

One of my favorite color is baby blue and I’m very happy that it is back in a strong way for spring 2018. I’ve seen it on suits, sweaters, tees, sneakers, bags and shirts all over. It might not be very subtle, but I’ll definitely get myself a baby blue sweatshirt or chino this season, like this one below from Hermes.




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