My clients are always extremely satisfied and happy when I shop for them. I’ve asked them why they hire me and the same answers came back from almost all of them. In this post, I will tell you what they said and why YOU need a personal shopper:

1- Time is money

Let’s just face it: Some people can shop ’til they drop, while for others, the mere mention of the word makes them cringe. Rather than spend your precious time doing something you dislike, you may just be better off making the investment in yourself by hiring someone who knows his stuff and will help you look your best in a short amount of time. You might want to keep your personal time for your family and friends.


2- Always the perfect outfit

Stylists have relationships with stores, designers, and tailors, and always know where to go to get clothes that align with your body type, coloring, and professional brand/image. We also know where to get the best deals. A good stylist will shop from several different stores and designers to bring you a wardrobe that not only aligns with your needs and budget, but also seamlessly integrates into your existing wardrobe. They will know which designers will work for your style and body type, and which ones to avoid, as well as which items are worth spending extra money on and which items you can save on. You will not only have a closet full of clothes that were hand picked for you, and fit you perfectly, but your stylist will show you how to pair everything together and will give you a style guide of outfit suggestions so you are never left wondering what to wear.


3- Personal Shoppers know where to shop

Stylists shop for a living. Simply put, they are ALWAYS shopping. They not only have relationships with stores and designers, they also know what is on the market, and where they can get a specific item.  No more wasting money on buying things online that don’t fit, or expensive items that you were forced to buy because you needed something last minute and didn’t have the time to price shop. A stylist will always have your best interest at heart, and since they usually work on fixed rates, it is always in their best interest to get you the best deals. Watch out of store personal shoppers, as they work on a commission, and are very different than personal stylists and image consultants.


4- Your stylist will become a part of your team

You probably already surround yourself with people that help you to streamline your life and make the best use of your time and money, as well as help you to stay fit, healthy, and at the top of your game. Most of my clients have assistants, sometimes employees, secretaries, advisers, personal trainers, coaches and more. With such a strong team in place, the one thing that should not fall by the wayside is your professional image. Just as you would have your assistant schedule your week, it makes sense that you would have a stylist to make sure that your wardrobe aligns with your professional image, and that you are always prepared for that presentation, meeting, event, or trip. Your image should not be an afterthought, and a stylist will make sure that even though you may not want to focus on it, you are on the top of your game.


5- Hiring a personal shopper is cheaper than you think

Stylists, and image consultants, are no longer just for the rich and famous. In the past few years, a lot of busy professionals have also hired stylists to be a part of their team. Hiring a stylist is much more affordable than you might think. Each stylist works differently. Some work hourly, while some work on day or “project/package” rates. I personally offer packages starting at around $350 for the season.  The time and money I will save you will be invaluable, and my fees can usually be written off come tax time. Also you don’t need a clothing budget of 50,000$, but I recommend to have a minimum of 2,000$ per season for it to be worth it for you.

What are you waiting for?



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