About Me


I started being passionate about fashion when I was a kid. In kindergarten, we had a big trunk full of costumes and accessories and I was always going for the pearls and scarves. This eventually led me to study fashion in college and then business management in university to create my own company. I then got jobs as a fashion stylist in luxury stores in Montreal before opening my own clothing store in 2009. It was a success, but I was not satisfied with it.

In 2014, I closed it after 5 years in business. I just wanted to dress people, not SELL clothes to pay employees and rent. That’s when I created my personal shopping company bringing with me all my clients from the store.

I love to hear my clients saying that they feel fabulous in the clothes that I chose for them, that their wife, husband, colleagues and friends gave them compliments on how they were dressed for an event or at work. Fashion is definitely one of the best ways to communicate who we are and this is what I want to help my clients with.

I would qualify my style as classic, I tend to like luxurious fabrics, nice cuts and shapes. That doesn’t mean that I don’t suggest trendier items from time to time, it’s all about how you blend it.